Burnout prevention and management

My Burnout

In 2016 I had a burnout. I came out of it and want to help you do the same through my experience.

Why LAVICKA CONSULTING? When I review my case, I clearly recognize key moments when I should have reacted differently or at all. I believe that people going through something similar can benefit from my experience. I use coaching elements, I am empathetic and use my personal experience of my burnout. I consider my clients as holistic persons. People are not just employees or parents. Being human means having different roles and it is important to look at them all as a whole.


My Services

  • Presentations: I present my case and talk openly about my burnout – at your company / institution or I organize an event for you (click for details)
  • Consulting: Personal talks in which I show you what has helped me to overcome my burnout and to find new strength. (click for details)
  • Online Course: This is a self-paced Burnout Prevention Online Course, which provides you with tools to prevent you from burning out. (click for more details)
  • Workshops: I offer tailormade workshops around the topic of burnout. (click for more details)

LAVICKA CONSULTING is consulting for burnout prevention and management. LAVICKA CONSULTING aims to help people to prevent burnout before it is too late. It is also my goal to help people who are going through something similar to burnout to find ways to get through it and come out stronger. Contact me!