What if the manager you have doesn’t give a damn about his team members? What if he/she cares about results and him-/herself and nothing else?

I often observe companies who claim do to something for the mental health of their employees.

A lot of companies are realizing that the wellbeing of their employees is key to their success. So they offer wellness programs, memberships to fitness studios, yoga classes, etc. That is nice and fruit is healthy and doing exercise is healthy so that is all good. Unfortunately it won’t ensure the mental health of employees.

You can’t yoga your way out of a toxic work atmosphere.

That needs to be tackled first and the situation sorted. How will your company deal with a toxic leader. Will he be tolerated because he delivers good results. Is he super smart and solves a lot of the companies problems?

If your company sides with a toxic leader over you and other employees. Maybe that company isn’t right for you and you need to change.