1. Prove yourself

Normally people who are committed, hard working & diligent burnout. But also people who feel the need to always prove themselves over and over. This often stems from low self-esteem.

  1. Forcing

Once you have more work than you can manage, the work gets harder & things you did with relative ease in the past are not so easy anymore. You need to force it more to get it done.

  1. Neglecting your own needs

Because you are forcing work more and more it’s getting harder to switch off and you start neglecting your own needs. Any of this sound familiar: no I won’t be coming for lunch, I will grab a sandwich and eat at my desk or I won’t go to the gym today because I need to finish my presentation.

  1. Denying of problems

If anyone asks you, if everything is ok, you say: “yes, just rather busy lately” – No Problem

  1. Withdraw

But because you are starting to feel drained you withdraw yourself from all social activities. You go out less and less.

  1. Change in Habits

You don’t enjoy doing things anymore that you used to like doing. For me that was cooking. I enjoy cooking, but while I was burning out and my family was served pizza or pasta with ready made tomato sauce.

  1. Exhaustion

And because this burnout slide isn’t fun at all and very tiring, you feel exhausted. No energy and interest to do anything.

  1. Depressive Episodes

At the end you have depressive episodes, where you ask yourself, is there anything that I can do right and is there anything I can do well.

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