As burnout consultant I find in 100% of my clients that they care about what they do and that contributes to them burning out. It’s not the main cause, but I argue that if you don’t give a shit you are far less likely to burn out.

I think caring is a good quality. Imagine living in a world where nobody gave a shit. Ironically I once published a blog called “how not to care what others think”. It’s slightly different though as caring too much about other people’s opinion can contribute to burnout as well.

When I burned out, I was caring a lot of the cause of the company I worked for. I joined the pharmaceutical company because my father was an epileptic. He took medicine from that company I went to work for. I saw firsthand his life quality improve. I wanted to contribute to that company researching and developing high quality medicine that increased the life quality of people around the world.

While I was burning out a colleague came to me and asked why I’m so bitter and why I struggle with the new managers point of view. I was annoyed that he seemed to think finance was more important that the scientific work our company was doing and that we should rather work on projects than support the business to help them develop the best medicine possible. My colleague was surprised that I cared so much for developing good medicine. He said he cares about 2 things. Money & women. He is a good guy but very likely won’t burnout.