I often talk about our limits and that we have them and should accept them. When discussing this topic with my therapist, when I burned out. I was asked by her to lift up a Mini Cooper. Realizing that I wasn’t strong enough she used that to illustrate that not only my physical strength has limits, but also my mental capacity or mental strength.

Accepting limits is difficult, which is why I always try to reframe it.

I ask my clients:

How big is your plate?

What do you have on your plate? (I’m obviously not talking about food!)

Is what is on your plate, what you want to have on your plate?

We are all very busy and sometimes our plates can become crowded. Sometimes stuff that we don’t want on our plates have snuck on it. We need to manage our plates. If we want to do more, we need to work towards getting a bigger plate by working on our strength and weaknesses. But first and foremost we need to realize that we have to know the size of our plate and what we want on it and how much of what?

I have developed a simple but effective exercise the help you understand the size of your plate & how to manage your stuff on it, in relation to what you want, with time and energy available. Reach out if you want to discover your limits and how to manage them well.