First of all, I hate it when clients or friends/colleagues say they are stressed out but can soon relax because they go on holiday.


You shouldn’t somehow survive inbetween holidays. That is not healthy in the long run and it’s not how to take proper breaks. It’s also not what holidays are meant for.

Holidays are meant for quality time with the family. Going on nice trip, be it lying on the beach or going on an adventure. Whatever suits you. Holidays are part of live rather than a means to not burn out. It’s not an escape from a permanently stressful job. The phrase “I need a holiday” shouldn’t exist.

It almost seems like we have forgotten to make sure we have a good balance of not doing too many stressful things vs. recovery. Even recovery is a too strong word. If you are in a constant state between stress or overwhelm vs recovery then you are never truly in an ideal state. Neither for work nor privately.

The key is to make sure that you imbed proper breaks throughout your day and throughout your week to have recurring down time, that you don’t long for a holiday. Ok, maybe you’ll long for a holiday anyhow, but not because you’re exhausted and in dire need of a holiday.

How do you do that. Firstly you need to know, how you recharge and what is good for you. I for example love going for lunch with a friend to have a chat, but at the same time I know that I recover better on my own. So I will schedule in a couple of lunch appointments with myself or just by myself during the week. Then I don’t use my phone or sit in front of my laptop. I take pen and paper to write or I have my book with me. This is one thing I do to make sure I have regular proper breaks.

Now if you are more an extroverted person, meeting friends, going to events & generally have a couple of things going on is maybe better for you to keep your energy levels up. But be careful! Be aware of what provides you with an energy boost vs. how you recharge. These are slightly different things. Sugar provides you with an energy boost, but too much and too often is not good for you.

So make sure you know how you recharge and apply bits and pieces of that during your week to ensure, you are not dying to go on vacation.