I often try to emphasis with all of my clients and when giving workshops that we have to be aware of our limits and accept them.

But I just started reading Adam Grants new book “Hidden Potential” and even though I’m only a few pages in, I am wondering if my approach is a good one.

I still believe that we should all be aware of our current limits, i.e. our status quo today. Then I think we should learn how to manage how much and what is on our plate. But then get to a further step, which is how to increase the size of our plate.

It’s a realty that we all have 24h a day and 7 days a week. And we all have certain skills, strength and weaknesses.

What made me think even more is a conversation I had with my daughters. They talk about never believing, that they could read or write, let alone do that in several languages. But today they speak 4 languages fluently and are currently learning a fifth language (French) in school.

So from now on, my message is: understand your current limitations. Manage what is on your plate according to the size of your plate. But don’t let anyone tell you that you are stuck within these limits.

I myself am the best example. When I started of as Burnout consultant. I reached out to psychologists and health insurances and offered to work with them to help their clients. Every single one of them came back to me and said that I was not qualified and shouldn’t be allowed near any clients. One even said that burnout is a thing from the past.

I do recognize that I need further education and more experience to be able to help more clients and companies better for them to avoid burnout. Which is why I am enlarging my plate with the certificate in advances studies in work and organizational psychology.