I’ve been a burnout consultant for 2 years & my ideal client is someone who is burning out, but realizes that and comes to me to seek help, so we can course correct.

A client of my who works for a large insurance company in their marketing department, was responsible for a major rebranding of the company’s logo. We met for coffee and discussed his situation and came to the conclusion that by adjusting his behaviour at work we could manage the situation well and he could remain working without having to go on sick leave.

So what did we do?

Firstly we prioritized. We listed everything on his plate and identified what is really a top priority. Then we delegated what was not a top priority or delayed them until later.

We then set up a communication that ensured people, not only in his company, but his immediate surrounding new that he had a lot going on and needs to focus and should not be disturbed unnecessarily. Within this communication we clearly set boundaries as to what people can approach him with and what not.

We trained on how to say NO. As a default answer, when someone asked him for help or support he would say YES. That made it difficult to focus on his main priorities. Make no mistake, this is a tricky one. You can’t always say no and the way you decline to help is key as well. Here is a blog I’ve written about how to say no: No – Lavicka Consulting

We also focused on how to take proper breaks and recovery. For the recovery part we looked at everything he had enjoyed doing in live. We identified that he like to work with his hands and work on renewing old furniture. He then cleared out an area in his cellar and on weekends he brings old furniture back to life. Pure therapy is how he describes it. Proper breaks throughout the day are also very important. I encouraged him to get up from his desk after a certain time or once a certain task was accomplished. Especially for lunch I encouraged him to go for a walk after he had eaten something. How to take proper breaks. – Lavicka Consulting

With this plan, my client remained at work, finished his project and the new logo of the company is visible all over Switzerland. I’m very proud of his achievement and courage to step forward before it was too late.