Learning to say NO.

Saying NO now and again is saying YES to yourself, to your priorities and what you want.

Saying NO can be tricky if you are someone that likes to help, please other and wants to be liked. I also had to learn how and when to say no. I always thought that if I don’t say YES a lot, I’d be viewed as arrogant, egoistic and unfriendly.

I learned, that if you say NO in the right way, the right folks won’t take it badly.

Here are some examples of how to respond if someone asked you to do something, but you don’t have the time, not the right skills or simple don’t want to.

You could for example ask back: “by when do you need this done? I’m currently working on this and need to have it done by xyz, after that I could help”

You could for example refer to someone else: “I’m very busy now, but have you asked xyz? If I remember correctly he/she is between projects”.

Or: “I’m not very good at this, I know xyz has a black belt in power point, I think you’ll be better off asking him/her.”

The truth is not being able to say NO contributed to me burning out. Overcommitting myself to not only things on my plate but also others. I still like to help out, I just give it an honest assessment regarding my time, skill and energy. Nobody can be upset with that.

I’m aware that changing your helper mindset isn’t that easy or straightforward, I can help you. Reach out.