Self-care and recovery are key to not burn out. We recharge our phones on a regular base and with phones it’s easy. We just plug it in.

But how do we recharge? It’s not that easy. Firstly you need to know what you need. You need to be self-aware to know what & how you recharge. It also depends on the situation you are in. Maybe what you would normally do to relax, doesn’t work in that current situation.

Also you need to apply your knowledge. Most people know how they relax and recharge. But once you’re on the burnout slide and you disregard your own needs, the application of your knowledge of how you relax goes out of the window.

Most importantly rest and recovery is a constant & regular thing to do and should be a priority. Surviving from holiday to holiday doesn’t count.

I group rest and recovery into 4 groups. Annual recovery are holidays. Then there are weekly items, like going to the gym 3 times a week or going running or doing yoga a couple of times a week. Then there are daily items. Going for a walk with your dog or cycling to work by bike. Then there are micro breaks, that ideally are implemented every 2-3 hours.

Lately I gave a workshop to a group of lawyers about stress management. Part of the workshop, was planning these mini breaks throughout the day. They struggled and were overwhelmed with that task. When I told them, what I do, they thought I was crazy and it would be impossible to implement.

All I do is on a regular base throughout the day, is to get up from my desk & move. Sometimes I walk up all the stairs in the 10th floor building that I work in (my office is on the first floor) or I grab a coffee and go onto our balcony to walk around a bit. That doesn’t sound that crazy does it? Do you do micro breaks & if yes, what do you do?