When I burned out, I was on sick leave for 7 month. Then I started my reintegration working 50%, then adding 10% every month until 6 months later I was working 100% again.

I was very fortunate to have found a place to do my reintegration where I could openly talk about my situation and my integration was well managed. But I had to find it by myself. Nobody helped me and I was lucky to have worked for that company for over 11 years before I burned out. Therefore I had a wide network and had a very good option for me reintegration.

The first and in my opinion the most important thing, was to rebuild my self-confidence. Because that was in the toilet and I needed to believe that I can work again. Therefore we started very slowly with simple tasks. Discussing how things are going along the way and what task to add, when and how.

Unfortunately that is not the usual way how it works.

Issues that can arise and need to be managed:

  1. Where to do your reintegration. In the team where you burned out or somewhere else.
  2. How do you find the reintegration space? Help from HR or do you have to find it yourself?
  3. With what percentage should you start? I was told by several folks that starting with 50% is high. 20%-30% is more common.
  4. What about work load and task allocation? How is that managed?
  5. Is there a plan to increase your working percentage? When and with what additional tasks?
  6. What if that plan isn’t working and you may even have to reduce your working percentage?


I need to state again, that I was very fortunate with my reintegration. Also in parallel I still was seeing a therapist, working on myself to ensure that I don’t burn out again.


If you have any questions regarding reintegration into the work process or any burnout related questions, please let me know.