Relationships are everywhere and multifaceted. Relationships are hard work. There will be bumps in the road with any relationship. Sometime there will be arguments or disagreements. I presume you want to be heard and your opinion considered, right? Then you need also listen and understand the others point of view.

You don’t want anyone to control your thoughts do you? So don’t try and control others, because if you like it or not, it’s not possible and for sure will not work in the long run.

What I am trying to say here is that in any relationship there will be different points of view and sometimes you will be right and sometimes not. But you need to accept that that is normal and ok. Also just because you have different opinions doesn’t mean that you are in a bad relationship. If you can have disagreements and stay on good terms, then the relationship is healthy.

Sometimes when relationships go downhill, it will affect how you behave in that relationship, towards that person or group. When I was burning out my relationship with my superior manager deteriorated rapidly and my behaviour towards him wasn’t good. It wasn’t beneficial for the situation and also affected my relationship with the team as they also realized that I was getting grumpy by the day. I simple didn’t have the tools at my disposal to deal with what was happening.

When I start to work with a new client, the first thing we do is to determine if the situation they are in, can be fixed. A large part of that is the relationships they have. If the relationship is too broken, it might be better to move on. I should have done that at my work when I burned out and I should have done that earlier in my previous relationship with my ex-girlfriend.

Relationships are here to provide you with strength, support, stability and opportunity. If that is not the case ask yourself, why am you in that relationship? What is this relationship giving you and is it worth upholding it?

Life is too short to stay in a relationship that drains your energy and/or is toxic.