I talk openly about my burnout. After a brief introduction to the theory, I present my case:

  • The five phases I went through
  • The causes of my burnout
  • What helped me to get well again
  • Afterwards I will be available for a detailed question and answer session.

I can give my presentation at your company/institution or I can organize an event for you at a suitable location.


In a free initial meeting we get to know each other. If it’s a good fit for both of us, we discuss our collaboration and define the desired goal.

I pick you up where you are in your burnout. I show you useful exercises how to:

  • get to know your personality better
  • Build self-confidence
  • increase your resilience
  • deal with your strengths and weaknesses

Our counseling sessions can be done in person, on the phone, or online.

Online Course –

Burnout Prevention

This is a self-paced Burnout Prevention Online Course, which provides you with tools to prevent you from burning out.

In 2016 I burned out and if I had such an online course available to me, I believe I would not have burned out. The content of the course is based on my personal experience and my work as burnout consultant over the last couple of years with my clients.

Click here to start:


I offer tailormade workshops around the topic of burnout.

As employee you can benefit in several ways: 

Be it through Self awareness (i.e. what stresses me and what can I do about it?) or Selfcare (Sleep, nutrition, exercise, how to focus, how to deal with perfectionism, etc.), reduce the likelihood of burning out. 

Employers can benefit as follows:

Learn how the environment you create at work impacts your employees. 2 of the most commonly named reasons for stress are workload and interpersonal issues. Therefor I can help you to manage your workload sustainably and deal with interpersonal issues. Through my workshops, I can help you have define and implement culuture and values.