Social comparison can be a contributor to someone burning out.

Why? I think that is just how we humans are built in general. If your neighbour has a nice car, you also want a nice car.

What I experience is that I watch a Youtube video from an Influencer or Youtuber who talks about productivity. Apparently they post weekly or even daily videos. They are present on several social media platforms. They also claim that over time this consistency is growing their audience. This might be true but isn’t it quality over quantity. In a world of algorithms maybe not. Anyway trying to compete against them and following their advice to be so active can put you under a lot of pressure.

Social media in general is a tricky place. You see your friends travel and being very active. Maybe you want that as well, but because of your job or obligations or energy levels you can’t. Because you want it so much you try to squeeze it in anyway. You end up exhausted and at risk to burn out.

Therefore use your social surrounding as inspiration, but be aware that you simply can’t do every that everybody else on Instagram does. You have your own life and circumstances. If you have clarity about your priorities and what you want in life, you can live better with acknowledging and appreciating what others do, without wanting to run after everything you see.