Having a good work-life balance is extremely important.

For me work-life balance has 3 parts. Work, life and you. For me it was always important that I have a little space for myself. Something that I do, beside work, without my wife. For me that was playing football at a club. Going to training once a week and playing a game once a week. I was there with my mates, running around, staying fit, enjoying myself. When I had to stop it was devastating for me. I played football for 30 years.

When I review my life leading up to my burn out, I’m convinced that having to stop playing football contributed to my burn out. But I also realized the following. Football was not only a place for me to let off steam, it was also my substitute for dealing with my issues. The closer I got to my burn out I noticed that I couldn’t wait to get to football practice or the games and didn’t want them to end. Because it was my hiding space. Me running away from dealing with my issues and not confronting them. Procrastinating sorting my life out.

Again, football gave me a lot. I made tons of friends and I think football clubs are contributing to a better society. Beside keeping me fit, I had a space where I was appreciated and respected, because I was one of the better players and the way I conducted myself in training, the dressing room and when we had a few drinks after a game. This all is very important, because now that I’m over my burn out I still miss it.

What we all have to realize though is that you have to be honest with yourself and sort out your life in order to have a healthy work life balance. You can hide for the duration of your activity, whatever it is. But you can’t hide from yourself when it’s you who needs sorting out.

Taking responsibility for yourself is key! Coming soon, I’ll write a blog post about this topic. Contact me to make sure you don’t miss it.