A while ago I wrote a blog about work life balance. That it is important but not everything. If you have an issue, then you need to solve the issue. A good work life balance can help a lot, but if you have thoughts circulating in your head while trying to fall asleep, you need to address that.

Also what I find extremely important is that, ever person themselves have to determine what a good work life balance is for them.

Depending on your current situation, the definition of a good work life balance, for you at that time, can be very different to what you consider a good work life balance once you might have family/kids or go and work abroad.

The timing of how you “balance” your life can be different to everyone, else. I once worked on the same floor as a research group and there was one person who came to the office at 11.30, played a round of solitaire and asked when everyone is going for lunch. She basically only started to work after lunch, but then until 9pm. That was her way. I don’t know what she did in the mornings, but it was working for her and her boss was ok with that.

Then the activity of your “balance” can vary a lot. For me it was always sport as this was exercise and socializing at the same time. Then with family, family time became a large part of my balance. On the other hand I have clients that hate sport and don’t want to do any at all. No point in forcing that on to them. They prefer reading or camping. Camping is the last thing I think of when thinking of work life balance. But there you go.

There are different types of rest and recovery. Depending on your need you should rest physically, mentally or emotionally. I’ll dig a bit deeper into them in a blog at a later stage.  

So choose your balance in time and activity. According to your needs. After all it is your work life balance.