Stop blaming others

The single most important key moment during my recovery was, when I stopped blaming others for my situation. I realized that only I am responsible for my life and nobody else.

If you come across someone that doesn’t, for whatever reason, like, rate or respect you. Deal with it. I know this sounds harsh but that is how it is. That is a key moment if not the key moment I can truly say, I was starting to feel better. When I stopped blaming my asshole boss for my burnout. For me not being well. Of course he didn’t help on the contrary, but I’ve been working for 20 years and all those years people appreciated me one way or another. So I count myself lucky that only after 20 years I came across a person who didn’t like me. And to be fair I didn’t like him either. He’s a heartless, soulless, super smart idiot. There are assholes around. Fact.

Do you want to spend your time complaining about your boss or a co-worker? What is the point of that? Identify a solution and sort your life out. I know change can be scary. I didn’t want to change, because I had a good work life balance, had a good income and on top of that I liked my job and co-workers. Also we just bought an apartment and my wife gave birth to our twins. My strategy was to outlive the new boss. After all he’s a career guy and would move on in 2 years time. What could go wrong in 2 years?

Unfortunately I came to realize that having a shit boss was only one factor contributing to my burn out. I learned a lot about myself during my time on sick leave and while recovering from my burn out. Taking responsibility also means dealing with yourself.